CAPFA has assisted with tax-exempt and taxable financings for multiple capital projects

recent projects

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CaPFA Educational Facilities
Revenue Bonds, Series 2024


(Kissimmee Charter Academy Project)

April 2024

The Series 2024 Bonds were issued by CaPFA and the proceeds loaned to Imagine Kissimmee Charter Academy, LLC (the "Borrower"). The Borrower operates Kissimmee Charter Academy (the “School”), a tuition-free public charter school located in Kissimmee, Florida. The School initially opened in Fall 2000 under a charter between the City of Kissimmee and the School Board of Osceola County. In August 2023, the City, the School Board and the Borrower entered into an Assignment and Amendment and Consent to Assignment of Charter Renewal Contract (the “Charter Assignment”), pursuant to which the City assigned its interest in the Prior Charter to the Borrower.

The Series 2024 Bonds were issued for the purposes of financing or refinancing all or a portion of the costs of acquiring an educational facility in which the School operates, containing approximately 54,137 square feet of building area and consisting of two main buildings (a primary building of 37,148 square feet and a secondary building of 16,989 square feet) that include administrative offices, classrooms, restrooms, a lunchroom and a kitchen, along with a storage facility, a covered basketball court, playground, and open fields (collectively, the “Facility” or “Facilities”) and to pay other costs associated with the issuance of the Series 2024 Bonds.

CaPFA Student Housing
Revenue Bonds, Series 2023


CaPFA Student Housing Revenue Bonds, Series 2023

(Provident Group – Continuum Properties Project)

August 2023

The Series 2023 Bonds were issued by CaPFA and the proceeds loaned to Provident Group - Continuum Properties (the "Borrower") to finance or refinance a portion of the costs related to the acquisition, renovation, furnishing, construction, improvement and equipping of the Series 2023 Project.

The Series 2023 Project consists of a student housing facility known as "The Continuum," a 437-unit (571-bed) residential housing facility located in Gainesville, Florida.

The Continuum is owned by the Borrower and has operated since its opening in 2011 as a University-affiliated off-campus student residential housing facility serving primarily non-family graduate and professional school students, and faculty and staff of the University of Florida.

CaPFA Educational Facilities
Revenue Bond, Series 2023


(Flagler College, Inc. Project)

January 2023

The Series 2023 Bond was issued by CaPFA and the proceeds loaned to Flagler College, Inc. (the "Borrower"), to finance the acquisition of a facility to be owned and operated by the Borrower as a residence hall and to finance renovations and improvements and related improvements located on its main campus in St. Augustine, Florida.

CaPFA Student Housing Refunding
Revenue Bonds, Series 2020


(Knights Circle and The Pointe

at Central Student Housing)

October 2020

The Series 2020A Bonds were issued under the Capital Projects Loan Program, where proceeds were loaned to the Borrower and together with other available funds used to refund and defease the CAPFA Student Housing Revenue Bonds, Senior Series 2000F-1 and the Subordinate Series 2000G.

The Series 2000F and Series 2000G Bond proceeds were issued to finance the acquisition of Knights Circle Student Housing and The Pointe at Central Student Housing in which both properties are affiliates of the University of Central Florida.

CaPFA's Program Administrator provides oversight in connection with the operation of the Project and the Manager, pursuant to CaPFA's Loan Program and a Management Agreement.

CaPFA Educational Facilities
Lease Revenue Bonds, Series 2023


(IPS Enterprise, Inc. Project)

November 2023

The Series 2023 Bonds were issued by CaPFA and the proceeds loaned to IPS Enterprise, Inc. (the "Borrower"). The Series 2023 Bond proceeds were used to (i) finance or refinance all costs of the acquisition of certain land and the construction, equipping and improving of educational facilities, including the construction of the Interstate Campus (the “Series 2023 Facilities”), and such Series 2023 Facilities will be leased to IDEA Florida, Inc., a Florida nonprofit corporation (“IDEA”), for use as open-enrollment charter schools (ii) repaying and discharging the outstanding taxable loan issued by CLI Capital, the proceeds of which were used to finance the purchase, construction, renovation, and equipment of certain educational facilities located in the City of Lakeland, Polk County, Florida (the “Tampa IV Senior Loan”); (iii) and to pay other costs associated with the issuance of the Series 2023 Bonds.

CaPFA Educational Facilities
Revenue Bonds, Series 2023


(Southwest Charter Foundation, Inc. Project –

Lakewood Ranch Preparatory Academy)

May 2023

The Series 2023 Bonds, which included an Initial Subseries and Subsequent Subseries, were issued by CaPFA and the proceeds loaned to the Southwest Charter Foundation Inc. (the "Borrower"), to finance and refinance the acquisition and improvement of certain charter school facilities for the Lakewood Ranch Preparatory Academy located in Manatee County.

Department of Education,
Government of Guam Certificates
of Participation 2020A


(John F. Kennedy High School Project)

October 2020

CaPFA serves as nominal owner of the John F. Kennedy (JFK) High School on Guam, which is a territory of the United States. The Series 2020A Certificates of Participation (Certificates) issued by the Government of Guam proceeds were used to refinance the Series 2010A Certificates and to finance the acquisition and installation of energy improvements including a solar voltaic array at the JFK High School.

The Series 2010A Certificates were issued to finance the demolition of the former JFK High School and the construction and installation of the new JFK High School facility.

The new facility consisted of 208,000 square feet of new construction and renovation of an additional 24,000 square feet and serves over 2,000 students.

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CaPFA was created in 1993 under the authority of the Constitution and laws of the State of Florida, and particularly Ordinance No. 214 enacted on September 23, 1993 by the City of Moore Haven, Florida as amended from time to time, Chapter 159, Part II, Florida Statutes, as amended, and other applicable provisions of law (collectively, the “Act”).

CaPFA was founded with the primary objective of providing an efficient and dependable mechanism for funding projects, not only within the state of Florida but across the United States. CaPFA facilitates accessible, cost-effective, tax-exempt and taxable financing for eligible projects that foster economic growth while enhancing the overall quality of life in communities across the United States.

CaPFA is required to enter into an Interlocal Agreement with the local government in which jurisdiction the project is located as a prerequisite to the issuance of bonds by CaPFA.