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Who We Are

capfa history

The Capital Projects Finance Authority (CaPFA) is a public body corporate and politic, created pursuant to Ordinance No. 214, duly enacted by the City of Moore Haven, Florida on September 23, 1993 (the “Ordinance”) for the purpose of making loans to qualified Public Agencies in the State of Florida or in the United States.

CaPFA holds the authority to establish and fund loan programs for Qualifying Projects. These loans can be utilized for the acquisition, construction, rehabilitation, improvement, or equipping of Qualifying Projects, as well as for Anticipation Financings. 

Who We Are

About Our Organization

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide tax-exempt financing and reduce borrower costs through an efficient, seamless process, and foster economic growth by empowering borrowers to transform the landscape of communities.

Our Mission

To empower borrowers by facilitating their access to tax-exempt financing, thus enabling them to harness the financial resources necessary to pursue their goals and initiatives, while providing an economic benefit to the community.

Our Values

Our core values focus on empowering borrowers through efficient, cost-effective tax-exempt financing, and transforming the landscape of the community by fostering economic growth. 


CaPFA is governed by a Governing Body consisting of the
members of the City Council of the City of Moore Haven, FL.

program administrator

CaPFA has retained ACS Management & Consulting LLC as Program Administrator.
All inquiries about the CaPFA, including information on bond issuance, should be made to
Angela Singleton, Program Administrator via email or mail. 

121 S. Orange Avenue, Suite 1500, Orlando, FL 32801


financing team


CaPFA’s financing team consists of ACS Management & Consulting LLC (ACS) as Financial Advisor and Program Administrator, Bryant Miller Olive P.A. as Bond Counsel and Steven A. Ramunni, P.A. as Attorney for the City of Moore Haven.



CaPFA has the ability to work with investment bankers and financial advisors that the Borrower already have on their team or we can assist in locating financial professionals that will complement existing members of the team to ensure a smooth and efficient closing of your financing transaction.